Accounting by Computer
Sage Accounting and Payroll

Sage 50 Payroll

Sage 50 Payroll has two versions, Payroll and Payroll Professional.


45 days free support

Annual technical support plan to provide telephone support, legislative updates and Payroll Year End procedure including new Tax Tables

Multi User *


Import existing data from a CSV file, connecting with Microsoft Office

Simple processing of Starters and Leavers

Access by passwords with different levels for Security

Continued processing after Payroll Year End before submission of Returns

Retention of Historical Payroll Data for 7 years

Payroll processing:

Process weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly or monthly payrolls

Choose from a range of payslip layouts

Print or e-mail payslips to employees

Calculate payments and deductions automatically

Calculate & process employee loans, including Student Loans

Record & calculate Salary Sacrifice

Record & calculate holiday pay

Automativally calculate your monthly PAYE & NIC liability

Process journals automatically to Sage Accounts

Employee Records:

Payment history




Disciplinary records

Job & Salary History

Legal Compliance:

HMRC recognised software

Written Statement of Employment

Direct submission of data, including Payroll Year End

Calculate statutory sick pay, materrnity, paternity & adoption pay automatically

Record and deduct Student Loans & Attachments of Earnings

Pension Scheme operation

Keep records of  PAYE and NIC liability for Campany Car benefits

Management information:

Salary analysis

Departmental and cost centre analysis

Report writing

Payroll Professional

All the above features, plus:

Batch Timesheet entry and import

Reconciliation Assistance

Exception Reporting

Multicompany payslip printing, reports & payroll update

Multicompany management of Tax parameters, tax codes, payments, additions, holiday schemes and dates.

* Requires purchase of additional module

Accounting By Computer is as easy as ABC

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