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Payroll Year End 5 April 2021

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 Payroll Year End – New v27 Payroll

New items that Sage Payroll v27 incorporates:

  1. Easier access to Sage Q & A Weblinks from the software.
  2. In previous years, if you needed to notify HMRC of a Previous Year Update it was actioned using an Earlier Year Update (EYU). They are no longer available, it is replaced by a process via the software.
  3. The New Student Loan Plans are incorporated in the software.
  4. A new look Help Centre.
  5. Payroll Year End Processing.
  6. The deadline for submitting the Year End data is 19 April.  You will be submitting your FPS (Final Payroll Summary) through your payroll system on the last payroll run.   If you have to make any amendments use the EPS.
  7. This is also the date for the last payment of Tax and National Insurance for the 2020/21 Tax Year.
    1. Some clients like me to assist with Payroll Year Ends. In view of the short time ahead, book asap if you haven’t already.
    2. P60s will still be issued to employees and this must be done by 31 May. However, this year the software incorporates a form with full printing, so there is no need for me to offer the supply of forms. There is also the option to send P60s by email, but, of course, you will need to enter email addresses in your employee’s record.
    3. P11d Returns must be submitted for Expenses/Benefits by 6 July.
    4. Payment of Class 1A NI on Benefits must be made by 19 July or 22 July if you pay by BACS

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