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February 2019 Newsletter

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  1. Payroll Year End – 5th April 2019
  2. The deadline for submitting the Year End data is 19 April.  You will be submitting your FPS (Final Payroll Summary) through your payroll system on the last payroll run.   If you have to make any amendments use the EPS.
  3. This is also the date for the last payment of Tax and National Insurance for the 2018/19 Tax Year.
  4. Sage say that the Payroll Year End pack will be available for download in mid March.
  5. Many clients like me to assist with Payroll Year Ends. In view of the short time ahead, book early if you haven’t already.
  6. P60s will still be issued to employees and this must be done by 31 May. As usual I will supplying P60 forms in small quantities of 10 forms for £9.00 + VAT.  Orders to me by Tuesday 5 March latest.
  7. P11d Returns must be submitted for Expenses/Benefits by 6 July.
  8. Payment of Class 1A NI on Benefits must be made by 19 July or 22 July if you pay by BACS


2.Employment Allowance

This is remains at £3,000 for the new year.  Don’t forget tick the box in Company>Settings and to post a Journal each month/week to Debit the PAYE/NI Control and Credit Employer’s NI with the amount recovered as shown on the P32 report you print in the Payroll.   See the separate Post on the website.


  1. Making Tax Digital (MTD)
  2. This only applies to VAT Registered businesses with over £85k turnover.
  3. Sage Accounts 2018 (v24) or later must be used.
  4. The HMRC VAT Registration has to be changed after the last VAT Return for quarters ended up to 31 March have been filed. Due this online.
  5. When the new Codes have been received from HMRC they should be changed in Settings>Company Preferences>VAT>esubmission Credentials. DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE FILED YOUR LAST VAT RETURN FOR QUARTERS ENDING UP TO 31 MARCH.
  6. Then continue to file your VAT Returns as normal.


  1. Check Data and Backups.

I keep banging on about this subject, BUT STILL I have clients who have ignored Errors found in Check Data and continued to process or who have not been able to find backups (including separate Reports, Layouts and Archives) when they have had an issue.   This has resulted in them having to reprocess work, in some cases for several months.



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