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Are you on the latest version of 50 Accounts and Payroll?

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Are you on the latest version of Sage 50 Accounts?

To ensure that you are benefitting from the latest Updates, go to Help > About > on your system and check that you have one of the following. If you have a Network version, all users must be on the same version:

50 Accounts and Instant Accounts

v2019 –   (after loading Update )

v2018 – (after loading Update 2)

v2017 –  (after loading the May 2017 Improvements Update and Service Pack 3)

v2016 –

v2015 – (after loading Service Pack 8)  Support for this pack was withdrawn on 30th April 2018, the program will go “End of Life” on 1st March 2019.

Instant  Payroll

After installing the latest 2017/18 Year End Update, the version number is 15.00

50 Payroll

Payrolls now are not updated with a completely new version each year. 

Each year there is the Update which will include the Tax Tables for the New Tax Year as well as the Year End function for the current tax year.

The Update to be installed before the 2017/18 Tax Year End is processed would result a version number seen in Help > About which starts v24.xx.xx; this must be verified.

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