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December 2017 Newsletter

Posted on 02/12/2017 in Accounting News | by

If you are now on a Monthly Subscription you automatically qualify for the 2018 version of your Sage 50 Accounts.

Main features of the Sage 50 Accounts Version 2018 (v24):

Direct Debit Payment from your Customers:

  • This was previously not a facility available to small businesses.  It is included, at no extra cost, in your Sage 50 Accounts version 2018 (v24) program.
  • You can set up Direct Debits from your Customers so that, when you send an invoice, you will automatically get paid on an agreed date (just like you do with, e.g. your mobile phone bill).
  • The transaction cost is 1%, with a minimum charge of 20p and a maximum of £2.00.
  • This facility is safe and controllable from both the Customer’s and your point of view. This facility is linked to “GoCardless” a reputable software supplier with links to all UK banks.  If you have an existing account with them, you can use that linked to your Sage 50 accounts.

Bank Feeds:

  • There are improvements to the facility for those who download data from their banks.

Hiding Records:

  • This highly successful facility, which was previously only available for Customer, Supplier and Stock Records, is now available for the Bank and Nominal modules.

HMRC Gateway Changes:

  • HMRC have confirmed that Digital Filing of Tax has been deferred until April 2019.
  • Sage have notified their Users that there will be a change to the way VAT Returns will be filed on line with HMRC from 14th February 2018.
  • Sage have stated that only 50 Accounts version 2018 (v24) will be suitable for this change.  Sage have also said that the new service will be available from 1st August 2017, but I have yet to experience this change.
  • I am still trying to establish the implications for clients using earlier versions;  I will notify the affected clients as soon as I have finite information.

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